My case manager will come to do the annual review.  Are you depressed?  I can’t have sex.  I can’t make or have much money. I still don’t have the arms for my communication device.  Am I depressed?  I’m just a little angry, but I’m indifferent to the system of broken promises.  I don’t even care anymore . I don’t try to work the communication device and I’m too busy.  My staff is “too busy” to help me.  So I have given up on it.   It’s just writing maternal to me.  What are your goals for next year?  Like the system cares!  Have my own apartment, be on TV, have sex, write another book and get a girlfriend.  Some stupid person will read that and have a laugh before filing away.  That’s the system treats the disabled. 


November 22, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving this week.  I will go see my sister and my two nieces in Milwaukee for the day.  It will be weird without Mom since Mom and I already visited my sister.  It’s a new life.  Anything is possible: that’s what my classmates taught me after my mother died in a couple of days.  And look what happened.  Two books and publishers!  My friends  were right.  Anything is possible!

No Free Lunch

November 19, 2016

Politicians are promising a better life for Americans.  People want more money by working less.  Americans really don’t put in an eight hour day.  They talk on their cell phones and text friends while at work.  We work six hours a day and expect more.  The American work ethic has been lost because of our toys.  Nothing is free in this competitive world.  You earn it.  That’s something that Americans need to think about.


November 1, 2016

People are clueless about disabled people. We are paid subpar wages and are not allowed to make a decent income in order to remain eligible to receive care.  This is a stupid rule!  People shouldn’t accept it.  A person’s care shouldn’t be tied to employment and income.  Society wants the disabled to have fulfilled lives.  A job gives a disabled person self-confidence.  No one gave me a job!  But I have built a career through the years.  I persevered with the help of my dear friends.  There were times that I wanted to quit.  Isn’t that what the American dream about?