The State places too many rules on the physically disabled.  I can’t make money, but I have to have a job in order to keep a few thousand dollars.  If I don’t “work” I can only have less than two thousand dollars.  I critique papers for an instructor, but he will retire in the couple of years.  It’s highly unlucky that I will ever have a job again.  I don’t want a job!  Is it right to ask a talented person like me to live in poverty?  Also, according to the State, I’m supposed to do a range of motion exercises in morning to stretch my tight muscles.  My attendants work three hours a day.  They are supposed to do a range of motion for a couple of hours each day in order to receive three hours.  I don’t do range of motion.  It wouldn’t do much good since my tightness comes and goes.  I want to get up, urinate, eat, and read for a couple of hours before I get writing for the day.  My attendants turned pages since the State buy a page turner.  The State wants disabled people to be happy productive citizens obeying stupid rules.  I’m just a number to the State.  Who are these people?


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day always makes me want to have a girlfriend.  Someday after I live on my own, I want to have a relationship.  I would probably drive a woman nuts with my writing all of the time and watching sports.  I’m a typical male.  Maybe it would work.  I want to try to see if I can have a girlfriend once I move out.

Remember to Laugh

February 3, 2015

It’s important to be able to laugh helps when life doesn’t go as planned.  The ability to laugh at yourself during the bad times leads to a healthy life reminding oneself that things could be worse.