It’s Mother’s Day .  Mom, I’m all right.  I’m a lonely man with a career.  Yes, I’m naughty.  If you were still here, you would kill me.  Working crazy hours, drinking, and fooling around.  Let’s just say that I’m a man now.  Sorry, mom.  I can hear you say, “Steven, stop it.” I want to do what I do and I want to do it now.  I’m a man, who tries to cook, grocery shop, and manage my money. Yesterday I had a book signing at Barnes & Noble.  People wanted my books and asked for an autograph.  Imagine that, Mom.  Life isn’t the same without you.  I miss you.   I eat like we used to even though my attendants don’t like it.  I have found where you bought my favorite ice cream and learned the price of food.  Food isn’t cheap.  Sometimes I want to join you.  I used to make fun of going to the farmers’ market, but I go myself to get vegetables.  I’m independent and well.  Thank you, Mom.


May 11, 2017

This week I’m critiquing papers for a speech instructor at Madison College.  It will be one of the final times that I will “work” since the instructor is retiring soon.  The one hundred and fifty dollars will be nice in my checking account.  I will probably save it and buy more produce at the farmers’ market.  I won’t make money writing.  People like me don’t have careers. or jobs.  I’m just an amazing guy according to people.  I have started a new book.  I’m just a writer.  One day I will die and the only people who know what I did will be my family and the English people.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I’m the author.