October 25, 2016

My care attendants all want better pay and health benefits.  My mission in life is to fight for and improve the quality of care for my attendants.  They make life hard for me.  Laundry isn’t done.  They talk on their cell phones making me wait for care.  Most of the time they talk loudly in African about nothing.  “Steve, when are you going to bed?” “I’m turning down the TV “or “I’m changing the channel.”  “Don’t talk to me like that, Steve, ” or “We only give showers at eight in the morning!””You shouldn’t go out at night.”   I have responsibilities, a career and finally a social life.  People expect a lot out of me like my agent who emails after midnight sometimes.  I care about my attendants, but they need to take care of me and let me be.


Where I’ve come.

October 13, 2016

Hard work plus a dedicated literary agent plus a New Y     ork publisher plus my people plus a great news media story equals success.  Thank you, Mom.  I win, people!  Thank you! 
I wrote this about three years ago when Mom was living.  The dream is here now!  I don’t believe it.  I did the impossible!  I’m a real author now.  Mom is gone, but I have made it.  I feel empty inside.  Something is missing.  Next year is big!  The author


October 13, 2016

I always laugh at the Brookdale memory care TV commercial when a care attendant talks about her client.  “Their lives mattered,” the attendant says, after her client finishes a race.  I don’t want to know what my eight attendants think of me.  I’m moody, noisy during Packers games, quiet, giddy after seeing my favorite strippers and either I love or want to kill my agent.  When I’m grumbling about my agent, they stay away from me.  They are caring for a New York author.  They are always talking on their phones, disturbing me.  Sometimes they are so noisy and I lose my temper.  They forget that they work here and I live here.  They won’t know what to do when I start doing PR.  Yes, I’m a weird client, but that’s an author’s life.