My first children’s book

August 13, 2011

I just received wonderful news. I may have found a publisher for my first children’s book, Cat Tails.┬áMy two cats, Ashes and Coal, already want royalties!

Cat Tails will be the first of three books that I have had published. My first book, Buddy Why, is a semi autobiographical book about what it was like to grow up with athetoid cerebral palsy and the struggles that people like me face with day to day life. My second book, The Unusual Writer, follows a character much like me who struggled with school, a career, and finding someone to love and love him in return.

The key to life

August 13, 2011

Having an education and being able to adapt are the keys to success in life.

Life is like an ice cream sunday
The vanilla
Is your career
The chocolate sauce and the whipped cream
Are your interests and hobbies
The sprinkles and the nuts
Are your friends and family
They make life interesting
The cherry on top
Is the opposite sex
When the toppings are missing
Life isn’t as filling
All of the ingredients are needed
To make life rich.

Her beauty is her strength

August 13, 2011

Her beauty is her strength
She is beautiful on the outside
With her blonde hair and blue eyes
Every time I see her
She gets more beautiful
But that’s not what makes
Her beautiful
It is her inner strength
She doesn’t give up
When the chips are down
She fights for what
She believes in
Like her mother.
I love you, sister .


August 13, 2011

People wish to get rich
Or win the lottery
But what I wish for is
To have good care workers
Who treat me with respect
And as an adult
I wish to make love
To a woman
But my ultimate wish is
To have a scholarship under my name
For the “unemployable” severely physically disabled
Who have a dream of becoming successful
But are told “you can’t.”
That’s my wish.