Antiquated Disabled Laws

March 17, 2019

Disabled people will gather at the Capitol on Wednesday to meet and talk to legislators.  We will be asking for an increase in Medicaid.  The legislatures will listen to us but the Republicans will cut Medicaid like they always do.  Now imagine not having jeans to wear, or your roommate who is bipolar eats your food because your staff doesn’t watch her.  You only get $225 a month for food.  That’s enough to eat according to the government.  My real question is why can a disabled person only make nine hundred dollars a year in order to be eligible to receive care.  This rule is outdated.  Who wants to work for $900 a year?  That’s slave labor.  I could make $40,000 a year as a writer.  No, I have to live in poverty.  Is it right to ask that of an educated, physically disabled person, who wants to and can work for a living but is unable to care for themselves?


March 5, 2019

Tuesday night (tonight), I have a staged reading of my play at a Edgewood College.  My care agency plans to be there.  They are excited about it.  Of course, I’m the only author of the agency.  Most of the consumers are like my bipolar roommate in and out of the hospital.  My case manager manages four behavior consumers and me.  One of the consumers pulled out his feeding tube and attempted suicide.  The agency released him because of liability.  I’m not supposed to know or write this.  The director of the agency, one of my bosses, would fire my manager and me.  I would probably receive a thirty day notice, but I work for the company and I am a writer.  The company is growing, picking up new consumers from institutions and putting them in homes with people like me.  My manager is over worked, but she denies this.  I go without things like ice cream and root beer.  Rides are not made.  I think that people like me should put in an apartment downtown with 24/7 staff being part of the community.  People like my roommate should be kept in institutions.  I will keep moving forward.  Another book is almost written.  Someday I will be known.