Bad Day Song

February 10, 2012

I had a bad day on Sunday like an author

Grumble grumble

I had a bad day like an author

Losing isn’t in my vocabulary

But it’s a part of a writer’s life

Up and down

But that’s how it goes

I had a bad day

But then I had a good day like an author. 

I will keep to writing, not to singing


Voter ID Outrage

February 10, 2012

The voter ID will disenfranchise some disabled people from their fundamental right to vote.  You have to prove that you receive bills in your name.  Many severely physically disabled people don’t receive bills; their guardians do.  Some physically disabled people can’t get to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have their ID picture taken.  Some physically disabled people will be denied the right to vote.  Luckily, I have ID now.  But I will probably have to argue at the polls like I did several years ago when a Republican observer believed that I couldn’t read.  Thus, I was ineligible to vote according to him.  Eventually I was allowed to vote.  It shouldn’t have happened to an author.  It made me not want to vote.  Governor Walker should be ashamed of himself taking away a voice that needs to be heard.