The system that treats the disabled is has many disabilities

November 28, 2016

My case manager will come to do the annual review.  Are you depressed?  I can’t have sex.  I can’t make or have much money. I still don’t have the arms for my communication device.  Am I depressed?  I’m just a little angry, but I’m indifferent to the system of broken promises.  I don’t even care anymore . I don’t try to work the communication device and I’m too busy.  My staff is “too busy” to help me.  So I have given up on it.   It’s just writing maternal to me.  What are your goals for next year?  Like the system cares!  Have my own apartment, be on TV, have sex, write another book and get a girlfriend.  Some stupid person will read that and have a laugh before filing away.  That’s the system treats the disabled. 


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