Two-billion dollars were wasted during the recent political campaign on negative political  TV commercials.  The irony is that some of that money could have been used to preserve Medicaid and Medicare.  But politicians don’t think about that.  The next time I need a new power wheelchair I am sending the bill to the Republican Party. 

Thoughts on the economy

January 15, 2013

One of the reasons that the economy is bad is people want more out of life without working for it.  People need to think beyond themselves.  Nothing is given in this world.  It’s earned by sacrifice and work.  Congress will end up hurting the physically disabled with cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and Social security.  Why can’t people compromise?  Because all of us want something for nothing.

January 8, 2013

I take a Packer win over the 49ers.
I turn 45 this week.  I have accomplished most of my goals that I wanted to in life.  But I have three goals to accomplish yet.  They are to be published again, find an agent and have a physical relationship with a woman.