June 25, 2018

“You can’t go,” the care attendant said.  I wanted vanilla ice cream to go with my fresh strawberries that I bought at the farmer’s market.  She couldn’t leave the house because someone has to stay with my roommate.  My cab didn’t come.  I took off down the sidewalk heading to Walgreens over a mile away. The wheelchair in the highest speed zoomed down the sidewalks.  I bought my ice cream and headed back home.  Three hours later I was home.  The ice cream and the strawberries were delicious.  I will always be less capable to some people, but I know who I am.  An author.


June 18, 2018

I can’t buy my books for a book signing using my trust fund.  I’m not allowed to make a profit from my trust.  The government probably wouldn’t help me.  I can’t work according to the government.  I have to buy bus tickets that are one hundred and seventeen dollars for forty tickets.  My new care company is still processing stupid paperwork even though I hired them in April.  Bus tickets are included in my budget plan with my care company.  Advocates always lie to me about how fast they can do anything except for my care agency, the wheelchair vendor, and the best case manager who gets calls from people when I’m out.  The wheelchair keeps acting up, but I figured out the problem.  I spent two hundred dollars on a new wireless head array system.  I keep writing, moving onward, despite these problems.

The Ache of Bourdain

June 18, 2018

The death of Anthony Bourdain has hurt the world.  He was a great writer encouraging us to look beyond ourselves and travel.  Writing is lonely, demanding, and hard career.  Authors are hard on themselves.  It is never good enough.  I wanted to die after Mom passed away.  Sometimes I think about how much people love and care about me when I’m down.  Suicide isn’t an option for me anymore.  It would hurt too many people that I love.


June 6, 2018

Yesterday I was gone the entire day.   I spent the day at the Memorial Union and I went to my bar to watch the NBA Finals.  An attendant came to feed me and used the bathroom.  I ate a hamburger, fries, and ice-cream cone.  My attendant said that I shouldn’t be spending money.  I save most of my money except for female entertainment and the computer.  Plus, I’m finally earning money from having two part-time jobs.  After Mom passed, my sister told me to enjoy life.  This is my life and I’m enjoying it.