I Give Thanks

November 25, 2014

It’s Thanksgiving.  Good food and football!  I’m thankful for my health, my family and my dear friends.

The Wisconsin Badgers play the Iowa Hawkeyes this Saturday.  My cousin John is a big Hawkeye fan.  Of course I’m a Badger fan.  I idolized John when we were adolescents.  We went to games together.  My favorite memory is being at Camp Randall with John for an Iowa and Wisconsin game.  There’s nothing that I love better than being at a football game with my hyperactive cousin.  Iowa won that day, but I didn’t care.  Spending time with John is the best!  This Saturday my Badgers will win!  John will grumble.  Happy Birthday, John.  I love you.  Go Badgers!

It’s been four years since my nonverbal friend Mark committed suicide.  This summer I critiqued a manuscript about a nonverbal girl who dies of pneumonia at the age of twelve.  I sometimes wonder why I’m still here.  I spend endless hours writing manuscripts and postings.  My books don’t sell.  The hard work and the long hours of writing will pay off soon.  I have a purpose and a goal to live for.  My friends keep me alive.  Mark will be always be remembered by your author.  He will have a book next year dedicated in his name.  Once in awhile I receive an email from a fan saying that I have helped them in someway.  I am making a small difference in the lives of people.  I’m getting there, people.  The light at the end of the tunnel is shining very bright now!  If only Mark could see me now.  He would be very proud.  Next year is going to be big.  I will never give up.  There is too much to live for!

November 5, 2014

Dear Wisconsin, Country and Governor Walker,
Rural Wisconsin reelected Governor Walker again because they want a tax break like they always want.  Education and Medicaid will suffer due to rural people in Wisconsin don’t want to pay a few hundred dollars more in taxes.  I would pay taxes, but I’m not allowed to make nine hundred dollars a year according to the State and I can’t have much savings.  The irony is Walker will run for President, which means Wisconsin will have another election in a year to replace Walker costing Wisconsin millions dollars.  Walker doesn’t have any intention of serving the next four years as Governor.  Why reelect him?  It’s just politicians playing the game of politics.  Will the republicans do anything to solve the problems facing America?  Probably not.  We as Americans want quick solutions for difficult issues.  Hard work is the only solution to what ails the country by working together.  Stop playing politics and writing books.  Leave writing books to real writers like me.  Just do your job Democrats and Republicans!  Last night I was listening to Governor Walker during his acceptance speech talk about how work makes America not government handouts from the current administration gives out to people.  That was at eleven and the CP author is tapping away editing a book after publicity and answering an aspiring CP writer’s email.  Walker can’t accuse me of not working.  When you fail to become President and you will, I will critique your second book for one thousand dollars a page.  Good luck, Governor.


November 3, 2014

I will go vote tomorrow.  Voting always makes me nervous.  Several years ago a Republican observer at the polls almost denied my right to vote.  His reason was that he believed I couldn’t read.  After a few minutes arguing with the Democrat observer, did I vote.  It angered me to be insulted in the manner.  I hesitate to vote, but I always vote for disabled people who often don’t have a voice.  Voting is a right that some people take for granted.