I am a college graduate and a twice published author with severe Cerebral Palsy, which does not permit me to use my hands or even speak clearly. My life long mission has been to prove to others that just because someone lives with a disability doesn’t mean he or she can’t be a contributing member of society. I am living proof that not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say.

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  1. Jill Salmons Says:

    Hello Steven, My name is Jill. I am honored to meet you, although it is by accident that I have come upon you in the first place. I was sitting at my pc…mindlessly surfing the news, reading unimportant acticles about anything to pass the time, subconsciously thinking about my son. I find it difficult to fill my head full enough of facts, information, or entertainment so that I do not become too absorbed in his life and his difficulties at this time. And so… I fail at distracting myself and in a “oija board” like way…my fingers type in the Google line … his name…”Steven Salmons”. I know there is a google plus entry for he and I believe one from his wife as well, probably a test drive, or a simple remark or two to leave a mark on that sight just to say you went there, insignificant.
    What is significant to me is that I found you, you have nearly the same name as his, he also suffers from Cerebral Palsey, altho not near as involved as yours. His diagnosis back in his early years was that of the “spastic diplegia type”…this not being really relevant or of vital significance except that I was some how privately introduced to you on this sight, your blogs are amazingly concise, educated, and like our son Steven, I can tell that you are an “old soul” who has lived this life before… it is what gives you both the patience, the drive, and the wherewithall to live, inspire, and fight like hell for what you want in this life. I esteem you greatly, for you have been delt a hand that would have meant defeat for the average human. Thank you for allowing your written words to speak so loud and clear to me, Steven is going through a very difficult time right now with a hip surgery turned nightmare.
    I read of your goal, a dream in your future, of having a life love, or relationship with a woman. My Steven miraculously found Svan, his life love, wonderful “brainiack”- truly the female version of our son as he once put it. He graduated from Sac State, but not before a thug at college pushed him to the ground, causing a misdiagnosed muscle and nerve inpingement in his hip socket. Pain began to be part of his everyday existance, somewhere in this time frame he met the woman he married, Got his d–ream job at Intel6 months of bliss followed by the last 4 years of pain, misdiagnosis, a hip corrective surgery, resulting in years of pain that was onlly treated with doses of every pain med on the planet. He has fought the addictive war of meds greatly needed, forces withdrawls upon himself periodically…anyway the story goes on- this is not what I wanted to burdon you with at all. he is under the watchful eye currently of Stanford Med team, readying for a conference to have 7 or 8 specialists determine the next steps- to take out screws from the hip…or whatever…. i am so thankful that all this time he did not try to take his life, or end his suffering himself- he like you- is a fighter, a strong, strong man…he just turned 30. His wife I know would like to be starting a family instead of being just his caregiver and working her full time day job as well…they both work at Intel and have been recieving their full salaries-she off work while the Stanford studies were being done, staying at our home in the Bay Area until all the appointments were done, traveling back to their home to have his baclofen pump refilled, altho only using a pain drug as baclofen made him his legs go parilyzed…unexpected! He was told it would make him walk like a normal man….gosh he held on to that dream, and what a disappointment, But like you, he was patient- really – no other choice is there! So…again, you dont need to be told that life can be so unfair, you make of it what you can, and hang on to hope.

    My son graduated top % of his class, he is a computer geek, the smartest man I know! I love him dearly, and for some reason I have found you, another Steven Salmon(s) who talks more and louder than the best speakers I have ever gone to hear! I appreciate reading your writings, I have not been on the majority of your site yet, I had to write to you to say hello, to share my discovery of you, and I am thinking you might sometime be able to compare notes, and somehow get to meet in email or text form another Steven who shares the hardships of having CP, altho his are ever so minor in comparison. Im just betting that caregivers or not, that in your mind you can run a mile in under 6 minutes! I am not picking up vibes of feeling that your life is not what you make it, thru your writing, I understand you, I get you. I think altho Steven is going through his own struggle, you and he have a lot in common, Education being an absolute priority is one of those things. Wanting love in your life, and a supportive partner is another. I want to wish for you the very best Steven, thank you for listening to a mothers ramblings, and Im not sure if this will be well received by you, but my intentions were only the purest, from my heart.

    snoblindagain@gmail.com is my address.
    And if I can figure out how to send Steven your sight…. I hope it is ok with you that I might just say, hey…I found someone with almost your same name…….it must be a good thing. Thanks Steven, yu have been so patient getting thru this! Fondly, Jill Salmons the mom :>) and I have NEVER responded or contacted anyone other than friends and family before- ever! So this is a first.

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