December 29, 2015

2016 has to be a better year than last year.  A New Year … new adventures are ahead.  What will happen this year?  Maybe a book.  I hope.  I’ll have to wait and see.

It’s the first Christmas without Mom.  There won’t be her smile to greet me on Christmas morning or opening presents.  No homemade cookies.  The last couple of Christmases were just Mom and me.  My family will buy me new clothes which I don’t want!  They believe that my clothes are ratty.  I have good clothes to wear and I can buy my own clothes now.  I don’t want expensive gifts.  What I want is time with them especially with my nieces.  I will be alone sometime during Christmas.  I usually talk to Dad Christmas Eve or night.  Now I have talked Mom and Dad together this Christmas.  It’s definitely a new life!

My non-writing work.

December 15, 2015

This week I will critique papers for a Speech instructor at the technical college.  My care attendants won’t like it, shuffling pages, paper clipping papers together, moving papers, turning pages, and the mess.  It will be over in a week.  It will give me some spending money to have fun with.  It is nice to have money and not have to save every dollar of it.

My roommates have simple lives.  One of them watches TV all night and sleeps most of the day.  He goes to Catholic charities every Thursday to play bingo, eats and sleeps.  I don’t see much of him, but I like this kind gentle gentlemen.  Winning at bingo makes his day!  He loves to eat as does my other roommate.  The second roommate believes that he is a prophet, “healing” me to walk.  But I have asked him for a book instead.  He quotes the Scripture to everybody, but he verbally abuses staff at Times.  He plays video games, the same music all day, driving the staff and me crazy.  The second roommate goes to the food pantry, getting rotten food and rummaging through garage sales, bringing home junk.  I feel sorry for both of my roommates.  They go to bed and get up early.  I tap away writing eight hours a day, pursuing my career.  Thank you, Mom.