My every other weekend care worker shows up an hour late to get me up.  My mother can’t get me up on her own anymore.  She doesn’t have the arm strength to lift me up from the bed to the wheelchair.  Her arms are not long enough to work the Hoyer alone.  It is after eleven when she arrives.  I have to urinate.  She was sorry for being late.  She said that she was running errands for her other client.   She spaced-out when she bathed and dressed me. Then she didn’t pay attention when she was helping with the transfer almost dropping me.  But my mother was there.  A couple days later I found out the care worker had been hospitalized.  I fired her.

Some physically disabled people physically and  verbally abused their care workers.  What these physically disabled people don’t understand is their selfish actions make it hard for a professional physically disabled person to become successful in the world without good care workers. 


November 21, 2012

People want everything right now.  But when they have to wait for anything they complain.  In my world waiting is a part of life.  Patience is a virtue that I must live by or I would be impossible to live with. 


November 21, 2012

It’s the two-year anniversary of my nonverbal friend’s death.  I have so many questions and so few answers.  I have thought a lot about why he committed suicide and I am writing about it in a new novel.  People told me that he wanted to walk.  That he killed himself to walk in heaven. No. That wasn’t the reason. The State killed him with its stupid rules and paperwork.  The State says I have to work to be eligible to receive home care.  The State says I am unemployable.  But I need to work or help people because my social security is too high.  The State says that I can’t have many assets.  The State says I can’t make more than nine hundred dollars a year.  The State tells me where I can live. The State takes its own sweet time when I need a wheelchair or a computer.  I am a number to the State.  But I will write until my last breath fighting for change. 


November 21, 2012

Some people will think that I am mentally retarded no matter what I do.  If some people only knew what a hidden gem I am … like my family and friends do.  Then maybe I would have a better life and sell books.  But that is a life of an author with cerebral palsy.