A Good Night

May 28, 2013

Last Sunday night will be always memorable.  I took off Sunday to watch a couple of innings of the Brewers game.  Then I watched the Spurs and the Grizzlies game.  I ate supper.  There was nothing on TV sports wise.  I critiqued a paper for a Speech instructor at the technical college.  I have to have a job in order to be eligible to receive home care.  My social security is too high.  It’s a stupid rule made up by the stupid system that says I’m unemployable.  Typical!  I emailed a batch of critiques that basically say the same thing to the instructor.  Mom is sleeping.  I see an email from “my agent.”   But I don’t open it until I email the papers.  I read her email offering a contract.  I go cuckoo!  I say yes!  Then I email my people telling them that we have an agent!  Ashes thinks that I have lost my mind.  I shut down that computer.  I woke up Mom.  She doesn’t believe me at first.  But she does after she sees how giddy I am watching espn.  That’s an author’s life.  It’s something that the system won’t ever understand! 


May 24, 2013

Meet my agent!  Checkout my bio.  The contract is signed.  I couldn’t have done it without you especially the English people.  Amber, you’re the best.  This is our dream.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you.  Steve
—– Original Message —–

From: Tina P
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 4:39 PM
Subject: YOU’RE UP ON PURCELL AGENCY WEBSITE… check it out!!
Dear Steve,

I got your photo and bio up on the website already, go to www.ThePurcellAgency.com and click the tab that says “Author Bios” to see yourself. You look great!!
🙂 Tina

Happy Birthday, Jon

May 20, 2013

It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday this week.  The last time I saw him was two years ago.  My sister and he are divorced now.  We used to go to Packers games, ballgames and talk about women.  We are still friends.  I miss him.  Happy Birthday Jon. 

Spring Farming

May 12, 2013

Writing is like farming – it never ends.  Writing is hard, dirty work like farming.  Writing a first draft is like plowing.  Rewriting a manuscript is disking.  Editing a manuscript is like picking up rocks.  Marketing a manuscript is like planting.  Rejection is like cultivating.  Publishing is like combining especially if you are lucky to make money from royalties which doesn’t happen.  But the country boy of Spruce Knoll became an author. 

My mother is the most dedicated mother … more than most mothers.  She has sacrifaced her life for me to have a productive life.  Mom can be over protective and stubborn at times.  She doesn’t like to call people, which drives me nuts sometimes.  Care workers come and go, but Mom is the best care worker. I have thought about moving out, but I know that I couldn’t find another dedicated care worker.  The question is what I’m going to do when Mom dies.  I dearly love her.
A new book is being rewritten about this right now!  It should be finished by the fall.  A literary agent is working with me on a children’s book.  It looks very promising!  Keep your fingers crossed.  I’m living my dream.  Steve