July 21, 2012

One letter at a time leads to another Book being Published.  It takes hard work and dedication that most people take for granted. 



July 17, 2012

Each summer, I have to tell the government what I do and how much I make a year to be eligible to receive assisted care.  I critique Speech outlines for a Speech instructor at the technical college earning two hundred dollars a year. It’s not much money.  Each year the instructor writes a letter to my social worker detailing my employment and earnings.  It’s ridiculous.  It makes me feel like a criminal.  But that is how the system works.  I am a number in the system.


July 8, 2012

When I watch sports, I love seeing the different live aerial shots of the different stadiums and arenas.  Especially at night seeing downtown Los Angeles lit up or seeing theGolden Gate Bridge twinkling at night during a Golden State Warriors game.  I can only imagine what California is like.  My friends and family travel.  But they don’t say much about their travels.  I wish that they would.

I will be critiquing outlines for the next Several weeks of the summer making money. Most of these students can’t write a simple sentence or follow directions.  But employers will hire them.  Students don’t have the experience with writing that I have, but I am unemployable.  It doesn’t make sense.