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Next week is the writing conference.  It takes me two months of prep work to attend the conference.  I have to find three people to attend the conference with me to take notes, pitch to agents and hand out cards to people.  e and schedules are written with specific instructions telling people what I want.  Care attendants have to be scheduled to get me early.  If my attendants don’t want to work early, then I have scheduled the On Call service to get me up.  My case manager schedules the bus to avoid “mother’s weather problems.” The bus will be either late or early depending on the bus driver.  We probably have to pick up a mentally disabled person taking them to “work” before I go to work making me late.  But it’s all worth it.  That’s an author’s life. 
I had an attendant for five months.  She is an English major and was a reliable attendant.  But she developed a habit of being late saying that she had baby-sitters problems.  One day she didn’t come or call at all.  Another day Mom had to go get her. Mom becomes lost looking for my attendant’s apartment.  I wet the bed waiting for my mother and attendant to arrive.  Mom can’t get me up on her own anymore.  This attendant had promised to get me up early during the conference weekend.  She wanted to go to the conference, but I distanced myself from my attendants on purpose to avoid from being hurt.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t like or care about my attendants.  I lost trust in the English major attendant.  She quit giving CLA and me a two week notice after I complained to her about being late.  I have to scramble to find an attendant to get me up early during the conference weekend.  The Viking attendant agrees to get me up early.  She finds a co-worker for me to interview.  I interview him, but a day later he doesn’t want the job.  The scheduler at CLA finds an attendant, but he didn’t call for an interview.  The scheduler thinks that the interviewee has called.  I know nothing about this until I start to complain to the scheduler.  The problem with the Community Living Alliance is that it has gotten too big and doesn’t hire enough support staff.  Todd Costello, the president of CLA, needs to hire more employees, but he probably doesn’t have the money to do so.  Thanks to our Governor! 
I’m trying to rewrite my young adult manuscript for my agent half of the day while managing care working late at night.  Why would  I do all this?  Because I care!  My mother doesn’t know what to do when we have care attendant problems, but she wants to be in control.  I will go the writing conference with the hope that Michael Perry and Doug Moe will read this.  Maybe they will write an article and just maybe I will land another agent.  At least I will get to see my agent.  Not many people can say that!  That is why I need good care.   
Thank you,

Mad Brackets

March 18, 2014

This week I will spend watching the NCAA basketball tournament resting up for the writing conference two weeks away.  My picks will suck, but I won’t care.  The writing conference will be on my mind.  That’s all, I care about! 
                        The author’s NCAA’s 2014 Basketball Tournament Picks
Opening games
Tennessee because Iowa sucks! 
North Carolina State
Texas Southern
Tiebreaker  First Total Points in the Final Game: 87 points
Tiebreaker  Second Total Points of the Winning Team in Final Game: 89 points
First round      Second round       Third round       Fourth round
Colorado     Florida
Stephen Austin
Tulsa     Tulsa      Florida
Syracuse     Syracuse
New Mexico
Kansas      kansas           Syracuse             Florida
Mempis          Virginia
Michigan S     Michigan S              Michigan State
North Carolina
Iowa St    North Carolina
Villnova     Connecticut         North Carolina         Michigan State
Oklahoma S      Oklahoma S
North Dakota
San Diego S        San Diego S     San Diego State
Creighton       Creighton
Wisconsin     Wisconsin     Wisconsin       Wisconsin
Witcha State
Kentucky        Witcha State
North Carolina State
Louisville         Louisville        Louisville
Mercer        Tennessee
Michigan            Michigan          Michigan        Louisville
My Final Four: Florida, Michigan State, Oklahoma State and Louisville
Championship game: Michigan State verses Louisville.  Michigan State wins it all

Happy Birthday, Mom

March 11, 2014

It’s my mom birthday this week.  She is the most dedicated mother sacrificing her life for me.  She is an amazing woman who doesn’t complain or want anything for herself.  But she needs to let me make decisions for myself.  Mom controls my social security.  I don’t see a nickel of it.  She doesn’t misuse it.  I always have what I need or want.  But sometimes she buys stuff for me that I don’t want like when my nieces were selling magazines for school.  Mom purchases Sports Illustration without asking me.  When I want money for book publicity, the answer is no.  It’s getting time for me to move out, but I’m scared.  I’m tired of her making decisions.  But life wouldn’t be any better living on my own relying on care attendants.  I’m spoiled. 

Getting Out

March 4, 2014

April is in the air.  Big things are ahead.  Tina, my agent likes our young adult manuscript.  Now I have to rewrite it.  An adult manuscript is ready to be pitched to agents in April.  Hopefully we can get a second agent, some articles and book reviews.  Thank you for your support.  Patrick, you challenged me to be a writer and Roger made me believe in myself! 
This week I will go see a play at Madison College.  It will be the first time out since I was out of the house in November.  I will treasure the three hours out seeing dear friends I love. It means a lot to me.  Just talking to my friends for a few minutes gives me the strength to keep moving forward.  Thank you.  Love, Steve