June 30, 2013

The “best” care worker returns to work this week.  She came back from Tennessee to Madison in early March after learning that Tennessee wasn’t for her.  She became bored sitting at home each day.  The first week of May, she had a beautiful baby girl.  I hope that she learned a valuable lesson that creating a “new life” takes hard work and determination.  Running away to a “new life” doesn’t happen.  Welcome back! 


June 17, 2013

The NBA Finals end this week. When the finals end, nothing to watch except for the Brewers until the football season begins. I hate summer!

The State Surplus

June 10, 2013

Wisconsin should use a part of the surplus revenue to fund Medicaid to eliminate waiting lists for assisted care and medical equipment like electric wheelchairs.  But Governor Scott Walker wouldn’t think of doing something like that.  He wants to be president.  God help us all if he becomes president! 

Living it …

June 3, 2013

I’m living an author’s life now.  A local publisher is publishing part of my suspense manuscript in their online literary magazine in July.  My agent is marketing the children’s book to publishers.  She is awesome.  Another manuscript is being rewritten now.  It’s a dream!  Please don’t wake me up.  Just maybe, we will get there!