Memorial Day

May 25, 2014

It’s Memorial Day weekend this week.  People are having picnics celebrating the beginning of summer.  But people tend to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day honoring our veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.  We as a country need to do more for our veterans especially for our disabled veterans.  Waiting lists for medical equipment, accessible housing, health care and employment for disabled veterans need to  be eliminated.  But these true American heroes are put on waiting lists.  Why?  They deserve only the best.  This is how our government treats the disabled all of the time.  Society and the government promises only the best to the disabled and the veterans, but we are just numbers to bureaucrats.  It is too easy to put a number on a waiting list.  Each number is a person with needs.  Until the government and society views the disabled as individuals not numbers than waiting lists will always exist slowly making disabled people want to give up.  There has to be a better way to treat our veterans and the disabled. 

I’m wasted

May 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Tina!  Thank you for believing in me.  Now if advocates and people would create more opportunities for educated talented physically disabled people the world would be a better place.  Steve
A year ago this week I signed a contract with my agent.  I still love saying my agent.  Someday I will be published by a big time publisher!  For years disabled advocates advised me to go back to school.  For what?  All that I needed was to hone my writing, have people who believe in me, have the right technology to write with and have a professional person willing to take a risk on my talent.  But the reality is that college educated physically disabled people’s talents are wasted.  Why? 

Time Flows

May 11, 2014

                                    Time flows forward like

                                    An icy babbling creek twisting

                                    Through snow covered pastures and

                                    Contoured fields with scattered woods dotting

                                    The hilly beautiful picturesque landscape

                                    Of pine, maple, oaks and cherry trees

                                    A cold stiff wind stirs the woods

                                    As a milk truck roars along highway K

                                    Corn stubble and sprigs of brown alfalfa

                                    Poke through the snow cows bellowed

                                    In the distance a red barn and silo

                                    Sat carved into a hill with a few maples

                                    Standing on the top of the hill.                          

                                    A chestnut mare munches on hay in the barn

                                    The horse huddles in the barn staring at Grandma’s

                                    House on an adjacent hill where

                                    The family has gathered to enjoy

                                    Company, Christmas cheer, hot cinnamon cider and

                                    Of coarse Grandma’s delicious homemade cookies with

                                    The sweet odor of Grandpa’s tobacco filling

                                    The house as grandchildren played

                                    But time has moved forward like it does

                                    The past leaves behind only memories.                                     

                                    Ashes has passed away

                                    A new black cat named Lindy bats

                                    At the snow falling from the porch door

                                    Keeping the author company at night as

                                    The author taps away writing for his agent! 

                                    He is living his dream with another

                                    Manuscript ready to go

                                    The impossible dream by many is becoming true

                                    Thanks to people who believed in the author

                                    Shining distant star against the dark sky

                                    A beacon of light now shines ahead. 



May 4, 2014

Trying to land “my agent” was a tiring process draining my energy.  I needed someone to inspire me, pushing forward, keeping my eyes on the prize: an agent.  My family doesn’t understand the highs and the lows of being a writer.  It’s a hard life especially when you are trying to impress an agent.  You need someone who believes in you.  My two college classmates Amber and Dave have always shared my dream of being a known author.  I needed their encouragement at this time.  They are my inspiration.  Without my two best  friends pulling me, I would have given up a long time ago.  Thank you Amber and Dave.