Long-Term Goals

February 27, 2017

My ultimate dream is to have a scholarship established in my name for the physically disabled labeled unemployable.  I would like Madison College and UW Stevens Point to create a scholarship.  There are five points to be eligible for the scholarship.
1.  Students must have a severe disability
2.  They must be considered unemployable
3.  They have to have a strong desire to be become a productive member of society
4.  The student must take between 6 and 9 credits a semester
5.  They must maintain a B average


February 17, 2017

Women are making me crazy right now.  Women are beautiful.  My career doesn’t mean much without her to share with.  The sisters can’t give me what I need anymore.  A man needs love and the female touch.  Women are the best and I will find her.

Desires, needs, demands …

February 14, 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day this week.  Valentine’s Day leaves me feeling empty inside.  I will meet a special person someday, but this year I will go to my favorite place and have a couple of lap dances with my two favorite strippers.  I have a career and responsibilities like any man.  Last week I did two radio interviews and wrote an interview for a newspaper.  That’s working and stressful.  A man needs a female to hug, hold, and touch to him that he needs to take a breath from the world of demands.  The feminine touch is what every man desires, including me.




February 7, 2017

I have a career now!  I have proved the system, which told me “you can’t,” dead wrong.  In a couple of weeks I will start writing my eighth manuscript, but two things are needed in my life.  I need my own apartment where I can have privacy to write and quiet in the morning to sleep.  The other wish is to have sex.  I can make career decisions, manage my money, work with my attendants, and go to the strip club to have a lap dance but I can’t hire a woman for sex.  A forty-nine-year-old man with a career needs to have sex once in a while.  I’m just a man with needs like every man.