Happy New Year

December 28, 2014

Another year has passed.  I keep writing pursuing my dream of becoming a known author.  I won’t quit until it happens!

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2014

Christmas has a special meaning to me this year.  I met a writer at the writing conference who had a daughter with CP.  The nonverbal girl died of pneumonia on Christmas with her family at her bedside.  The mother dedicated her life to this little girl.  I lost my father on Christmas.  Christmas isn’t the same.  My heart goes out to this family especially the mother.  Rita, I love you.  Steve

Remembering Sandy Hook

December 14, 2014

The second anniversary of the shooting of Sandy Hook elementary school.  Each week there is at least one school shooting across the country hurting teachers and students.  It’s not just the physical toll, but the psychological price these school shootings are having and will have on students in the future.  A big price will be paid for the senseless shootings that no one ever talks about.  People are always shocked at the random acts of violence happening in our schools.  It will never stop until Congress passes a gun control bill.  That’s wishful thinking thanks to the NRA!

About twenty five years ago I sat in a small cramped office waiting to talk to one of my first mentors, Patrick Barlow.  Pat was a Drama instructor at Madison College.  He always challenged his students, including me!  I looked at him and said, “Pat, I want to write a play.  I can’t be a writer.  DVR said that I can’t do anything.  They are right I guess.”
“Steve, the hell with DVR!  All you talk about is being a writer and the Packers.  It’s time to stop talking about being a writer and become a writer.  You write the play and I’ll critique it!”
That was the start of my writing career.  Twenty five years later, I’m an author with three published books, three other written manuscripts, a literary agent and a blog.  Patrick created an author!  Thank you, Patrick!  Enjoy retirement.  You deserve it, my friend.  Love, your author

Looking Back

December 2, 2014

It’s hard to look back at the past sometimes.  I used to go to one Packer game a year, visited my sister several times a year and take rides.  Our wheelchair accessible van needs to be replaced, but we can’t afford a new van.  It hurts to think about the past and what used to be.  All that I can do is to keep moving forward.