Wow. What a weekend.

March 31, 2015

The conference is the highlight of my year.  I have attended the writing conference for about eight years now.  Not only do I escape the house for three straight days which is a big deal for me, but I have met several people.  Last summer I critiqued and edited an eight hundred paged manuscript about a CP nonverbal girl who dies of pneumonia at the age of twelve for a Chicago writer.  I was paid five hundred dollars for it.  We have become friends.  I have met another writer from the conference who is one of my agent’s clients.  Another CP author that I met in April has a CP son who I knew from Madison College when I worked there.  And of course my agent  The reality is the conference is the only place where I can go and be just an author without having people thinking that I’m “lost.” The conference gives something to look forward to and work towards.  It gives me jobs.  No one will hire or pay me, but some writers will.  I wish that I could more critiquing jobs!

Also, I rewrote my mg manuscript for my agent last summer as while as critiquing a manuscript for a writer.  I was working every day all day writing. She is about ready to market it.  I’m nervous and antsy.  The mg manuscript is about a CP boy who is mainstreamed for the first time in junior high school and uses Morse code to write.  I have an agreement to write a second book for my agent.  Think about that!  This has all come from the conference not the system which doesn’t know what to do with me!  Attending the conference provides opportunities for me.  I wouldn’t have an agent or have my books in four local bookstores without the conference.  I keep learning developing my writing each April.  In my heart I know that I will get there thanks to Christine DeSmet and Laurie Scheer.  Plus, I’m thinking about self publishing an adult manuscript about what happens to a CP author after his mother dies on Amazon, but I’m waiting to see what happens  Agents like the adult manuscript but.  .  .  I’m working!  The conference is a “working vacation” for me.  It’s a place that I call home.  Without the conference I don’t know where I would be.  Now if I could meet a brunette writer in her early forties at the conference to live with.  That would be perfect.

I was honored this weekend at it conference.  Four hundred writers watched the video of me writing for four minutes.  I almost cried thinking about the English family, but I held it together.  Writers gave me a standing ovation and talked to me all weekend.  I heard that writers wanted to talk to me.  Life is hard for me now.  My mother is becoming old and forgetful, but she wants to be in control.  But she can’t.  I’m working on moving out but she doesn’t want me to go.  Meanwhile I have only one care attendant.  This weekend my agent agreed to represent all my books!  I was overwhelmed by everything.  I don’t have much to say and wanted savior the moment.  I need moments especially now to keep moving forward.  Now I could find a couple writers willing to take care of me.  I will get there.

I will be honored at the writing conference along with eight other writers, but I won’t have many books to sell.  My publisher, America Star Books, overcharges their authors to buy their own books.  I only make three hundred dollars a year.  That’s a typical price for a dozen books.  My books are on consignment in local bookstores.  America Star Books acts like a traditional publisher, but they are a greedy self publisher making me feel I’m not an author.  They won’t be getting any more books from me.  My day is coming to leave America Star Books behind!

B-Ball Week

March 17, 2015

This week I take off my four-day annual college basketball tournament getting my mind set for the writing conference next week.  I can’t wait see my friends and my agent.  It’s the highlight of the year, but I will watch basketball this weekend to relax.

My Mom’s Birthday

March 10, 2015

It’s my Mom’s birthday this week.  She will be seventy five years old.  Mom has dedicated her entire life to me.  I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me.  I’m spoiled and selfish.  Mom can’t get me out of bed anymore and is getting forgetful.  She still wants to do everything.  Also, she tells people that my book’s out of print and not in bookstores.  Four local bookstores carry my books.  It’s frustrating at times.  I’m making decisions with my career and my attendants everyday.  She wants to be in control.  I have decided to move out to live in an apartment with a disabled roommate.  She says that she will be okay without me.  I have my worries about her living alone, but I can’t wait until something happens to Mom to move.  It’s sad.

The State’s Mandates

March 3, 2015

The State needs to have three different categories for disabled people.  Here are my three categories based on abilities, employment, and earnings.  The cognitively physically disabled should have the opportunity to work community workshops earning at least two thousand dollars a year.  The learning physically disabled should be employed in the community doing jobs according to their mental and physical abilities  earning at least five thousand dollars or more a year.  The college educated physically disabled should be employed in their fields earning the same income as their co-workers for the same amount of work.  In college, I did the same work as my classmates, it just took me longer to do.  If I needed more time to finish an assignment, I received it.  The quality of the work is what matters.  This should apply in the real world for the educated physically disabled.  The nine hundred dollars limit is demeaning and restricts a disabled person’s potential.  What person wants to work for nine hundred dollars a year?  No one.  Income shouldn’t be tied to care.  The State needs to provide quality care to the disabled to lead productive  happy lives.  Isn’t that what the State wants?  Then eliminate this outdated rule!