On the Road

November 30, 2017

The author’s vacation was wild and adventurous.  We are sports junkies and very stubborn as you know.  We got along and I ignored the writing suggestions.  We saw White Sox Stadium, went to Purdue, a Pacers game, saw Lucus Oil stadium, the Ohio State Stadium, PNC Park, the Steelers Stadium, Jacob Field, Quick Loans Arena, Rock museum, and walked around Notre Dame.  We visited my farm in Ohio and I talked to my neighbors.  The farm house is still there, but the rest has changed.  It is like an author.  We visited West Virginia, too.  That is gorgeous country with rolling hills.  I saw Lake Erie.  The English people are right: I can do anything now.  The vacation was much needed.  
And the Packers game was awesome and the Steelers fans didn’t like us.  We were yelling like always. 

Funding health care for PWD

November 28, 2017

People with preexisting conditions need and deserve the best health care.  Everyone agrees on that.  But how?  People should pay one hundred dollars of their taxes that goes to a fund for people with preexisting conditions.  Businesses should pay five hundred dollars of taxes to the fund.  This would generate revenue  to make a dent in the problem.  An author just wrote a new health care bill.

Road Trip/Memories

November 20, 2017

I’m going to Pittsburgh for the Packers game with my cousin, celebrating our fiftieth birthdays.  We are renting a van and taking a road trip.  We are spending some time on my farm, Spruce Knoll.  Spruce Knoll is my childhood memories of the farm.  I was the country boy, riding the tractor with my Dad, watching the neighbors toil in the fields, and smelling my Mom’s homemade bread.  So many good memories.  We are looking at the house built before the Civil War.  The three blue spruces are still there. The barn is fallen down.  Mom and Dad are gone now.  I’m an author and a man.  At the time I never thought that I’d become independent.  The blue spruces are old and beaten, but the trees are strong like me.  This is the last time that I will visit my farm.  I left thirty six years ago when my parents moved to Wisconsin.


November 14, 2017

If I had Twitter, I would tweet before President Trump gets up to tweet.  I would be watching New Day on CNN in bed one morning when I see a tweet from President Trump, trashing me about Medicaid.  I will tweet back becoming famous selling a million books.  Salmon versus Trump, who wins the Twitter war?  Me, of course.  If Trump comes to Madison, I will be there to run over his foot.  I will make it look like an accident and it will go global.  Authors can dream, can’t they?

November 11, 2017

It’s the anniversary of my nonverbal friend’s death.  The government cuts taxes and health care to give people more money in their pockets to waste on gadgets and fast food.  The disabled are asked to sacrifice more like paying for bus tickets and health care on a fixed income.  People with disabilities can’t afford health care without making a decent income.  The government needs to provide the disabled a quality of care for people with disabilities to have productive and happy lives.  Society believes it needs a tax cut without thinking the consequences for the disabled.  All Americans want more money, including the disabled.  I think about killing myself in order to save the government money to help other people with disabilities.  I have done what I wanted to do, but I’m needed, cared, and loved by many people.  Suicide isn’t an option for me, but sadly some disabled Americans will kill themselves.  That’s a big price for a tax cut.