A Giant Maple Tree

December 28, 2011

A Giant Maple Tree

A giant maple tree stood alone in the middle of a field

Enduring the heat, rain, wind, cold and snow

Tree lives on like I will.




The Gymnast

September 28, 2011

The slender blonde gymnast stood before the balance beam

With her arms raised up waiting for her turn

In a swift movement she leapt onto the beam

The gymnast cartwheeled across to the other end

She twisted before somersaulting back across

The gymnast then gracefully strided back to the opposite end

She turned before taking a deep breath

Then the gymnast performed a triple backflip

Her body soared through the air like a perfect spiral

She landed perfectly on her feet

The gymnast raised her arms to the crowd

The audience gave her a standing ovation

She took a bow.

Life is like an ice cream sunday
The vanilla
Is your career
The chocolate sauce and the whipped cream
Are your interests and hobbies
The sprinkles and the nuts
Are your friends and family
They make life interesting
The cherry on top
Is the opposite sex
When the toppings are missing
Life isn’t as filling
All of the ingredients are needed
To make life rich.

Her beauty is her strength

August 13, 2011

Her beauty is her strength
She is beautiful on the outside
With her blonde hair and blue eyes
Every time I see her
She gets more beautiful
But that’s not what makes
Her beautiful
It is her inner strength
She doesn’t give up
When the chips are down
She fights for what
She believes in
Like her mother.
I love you, sister .


August 13, 2011

People wish to get rich
Or win the lottery
But what I wish for is
To have good care workers
Who treat me with respect
And as an adult
I wish to make love
To a woman
But my ultimate wish is
To have a scholarship under my name
For the “unemployable” severely physically disabled
Who have a dream of becoming successful
But are told “you can’t.”
That’s my wish.

It shouldn’t have been
I stared at the white coffin
With my nonverbal friend lying inside
The casket I wondered?
It shouldn’t have happened
But people didn’t care enough
To give him a job or provide good quality care
Another suicide of a physical disabled adult
The government shouldn’t be cutting
Medicare or Medicaid
The government keeps taking away from the disabled
More and more
The physically disabled will silently suffer
Some will give up and die
It shouldn’t be    


A Beautiful Niece

June 28, 2011

The slender blue eye girl
Ran to the blue van as
Dusk fell.
A harvest moon hung in the sky.
She opened the side door and
Hopped in the van giggling.
She screamed and laughed standing
Next to Uncle Steve.
“Did you have a good time at the game?”
He smiled as drool dripped on
His Packers shirt.
“Yeah.  We won!”
“That’s good.”
Her mother called her from the porch.
“I love you, Uncle Steve.”
She laughed and then darted out of
The van.
He watched her run.
She tossed her long blonde hair about
She then turned waving at her Uncle.

The Quiet Fire

May 30, 2011

Off in the distance
A fire burned brightly
In the darkness
Sparks ascended into night
From amber flames
Dancing slowly
And quietly
The light steadily shone
Through the cover of blackness
Refusing to give in

The fire give warmth, spirit and guidance
To cure the sick
And heal the injured because
Its light wanted to ease
Pain and suffering by using
Wisdom and its undying spirit
All who encountered the fire
Were greeted warmly
The light was loved by all her family
Who admired the fire’s beauty and calmness.