I emailed my friends in Eagle River asking for snow for the Packers Giants play-off game for Sunday.  Amber and Dave will probably laugh at my request.  Normally I would be asking for no more snow at this time of the year.  But there is no snow in Wisconsin.  Strange isn’t it?  Amber is at fault somehow.  We need snow for Sunday.  What is a January Packers play-off game in Green Bay without snow and cold?  Snow starts to fall on Sunday at three.  Patrick Barlow will be in the stands eating Cracker jacks and drinking Diet Coke.  I will be yelling when my Packers score.  My cat, Ashes, will howl around the house when I yell.  Ashes doesn’t like Packers games for some reason.  Mom is hiding in her bedroom until the game is over.  She hopes that there’s a lot of yelling.  If it’s dead silence,the Packers are losing meaning that I’ll be a bear to live with all week.  But that’s a writer’s life.  You win or lose.  That’s why I love football.  Go Packers go.