United Cerebral Palsy

August 26, 2013

United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Dane County sponsors Brat Fest and The Taste of Madison to raise money for people with Cerebral palsy.  United Cerebral Palsy needs to have a social program for Cerebral Palsy adults where men and women with CP can gather together one evening a month.  Cerebral palsy adults need more social opportunities.  About fifteen years a Cerebral palsy adviser tried to organize men’s and women’s groups for social outings, she interviewed the men and women about what they like to do.  The men liked sports and women.   Women liked movies and men.  The men and women wanted to be bought together.  But the CP adviser’s supervisor was afraid of men and women might fall in love with each other.  The idea was scrapped.  We’re adults!  Women can take care of themselves from men. If a relationship happens so be it.   

Sad news, glad news

August 22, 2013

Ashes was put to asleep today.  The growth in his throat got worse this week making it impossible for him to eat.  I will miss him.  He was my cat. 
We are close to having a big time publisher for a children’s book about Coal and Ashes.  I’m working on it right now with my agent.  I’m writing another manuscript that is almost done.  Most of you are in this manuscript.  You’re so important to me.  I miss you especially my sister and cousin.  The house will be empty now.  I’m okay.  To the friends, thank you for your love and support.  I love all of you!  Steve
Bill, could you over sometime before you leave next week, not on Monday.  I have a doctor’s appointment. 
Patti, let’s get together soon to work the website. 

August 13, 2013

This week is Disabled Week at the Capitol.  The disabled will converge on the Capitol in their wheelchairs expecting to speak to their representatives in their offices about disabled issues.  The representatives won’t be in their offices.  Disabled people will be greeted by staff members who politely listen.  They say,”We understand and will tell the representatives your views.  Thank you for dropping by.”  People with disabilities have looked forward to talking to representatives for weeks.  It’s their moment in the sun.  It’s like when I pitch a manuscript to a big time New York literary agent at the writing conference.  Disabled people live for these moments,  but politicians don’t want to hear about waiting lists for assisted care or pleas not to reduce Medicaid.  Representatives see the disabled as unproductive members of society costing the government million of dollars.  Medicaid and Medicare are the first programs to be cut.  But I would see a politician explain to a disabled child why they have to wait two years for an electric wheelchair or a communication board.  Telling a disabled adolescent who wants to move out on their own that they have to wait twenty years to receive independent living depending where they live.  Government needs to do more for the disabled not less.


August 5, 2013

Preseason football starts this week.  Preseason football is like the first watermelons -tasty and juicy, but after the first week of preseason football I’m ready for the regular football season to begin.  Football is like writing.  There’s nothing like it!