October 19, 2017

Women are beautiful inside and outside.  Women make a man think, challenging our ways.  The kind words and a smile of a woman makes a man’s day.  A small gesture can arouse a man.  There is nothing like teasing a woman or making them mad.  Women are everything to a man.  Women spin a man’s mind in circles.  That’s the beauty of a woman.  I won’t ever get enough of women.



October 10, 2017

Every metropolitan area needs to have low-income apartment buildings for the talented educated physically disabled people.  Each apartment would have a small living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom with a walk-in shower, an office, and an intercom.  The twenty four seven staff would have their own lounge with a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an office.  When a client calls, an attendant attends to the client before leaving again.  Clients would pay three hundred and fifty dollars a month in rent.  Also, the client must have a career being a productive member of society.  Staffing would be determined by the number of clients, their daily personal needs, and life.  The client with a career would have the privacy to work, pursuing their dreams.


October 3, 2017

I’m going to a memorial service for my aunt.  I will see my cousins that I will probably won’t see again.  I will visit Mom for a few minutes.  She will say, Steven, how dare you fool around and drink.  No more women.  I mean it, Steven!”  I can hear her, but I laugh and say, “Sorry, Mom.  I love women.  Well, I have to write that best seller and women in it.  I have to go, Mom.  New York awaits.”  “Come back here now, Steven,” Mom demands, rising from the grave.  “I’m a man now.  Bye, Mom,” I say, laughing.


October 3, 2017

The crisp wind blows knocking off the leaves from the trees.  The soybeans are turning in the fields.  Apples and cider are being sold at the farmers’ market.  Squirrels are burying nuts in yards.  The geese are flying south.  Fall is here.  Winter will be here soon.

There are pavers at the Memorial Union dedicated classmates on the first terrace by the maple trees.  I enjoy sitting in the shade near the steps, watching the sail boats glide across the lake on a beautiful afternoon.  My classmates are special to me.  I have read some pavers, “I married her right here,” “Go Badgers,” and “Thanks for the best years.”   My paver would say, “English people college was the best.  But the greatest is sharing life with you.”
I think about us every day.  You inspire me through the good and bad times.  You were right I can do this.  You taught me how I work with people and compromise.  Maybe next year I will visit.  I love you. 

Football Sunday

September 10, 2017

My favorite season is here.  NFL season! 
Can I come for it Bengals game?  Email me your address.  My bar won’t serve me on game days.  If you are available today, you can come to watch the Packer game in my office.  I have Point beer that my attendants won’t give me because they are Muslim and they can’t touch alcohol.  Give me a call today. 
608 819-6545
3349 Clove Drive
I have pizza.  Or I will buy Wendy’s.  I know you. 

Possible solutions

August 28, 2017

Let’s privatize Medicaid for people with preexisting conditions specifically the disabled.  Fortune Five-hundred companies and the upper class want a seven million dollars tax break.  Give it to them.  Here’s the catch.  Each company and rich person would adopt a disabled person, financing their care, specialized equipment, job coaches, and transportation.  If an upper class person or a Fortune Five-hundred company doesn’t want to adopt a person, then they will pay more in taxes.  By privatizing Medicaid in this way the upper class would see where their money is going.  Some years the upper class person or a company would pay more or less depending on the needs of the individual.  Not taking care of the disabled is un-American.  This would work and a man with Cerebral palsy, who is an author, came up with it.


August 20, 2017

If North Korea starts a nuclear war, I hope that I’m at my strip club.  I will say to my stripper, “We’re going to all die in thirty minutes.  I want you.” She starts taking off my clothes and says, “Let’s do it, Steve.” We make love as the world falls apart.


August 14, 2017

Some of my attendants say that no one cares about me because I’m a rude person.  If they only knew how much that I was loved and cared for by people.  People and bartenders give me drinks.  People who I don’t know care about me.  It hurts, but I know who I am.

Dear Jenny,

August 7, 2017

Did you call Dr Boyle for a physical this week?  It needs to be done three weeks prior.  I can’t do everything.  I go under August twenty fifth.  Please call Home Health United for the electric wheelchair.  I e-mailed the vendor but he didn’t reply yet.  The new one works.  We will take it to Walmart tomorrow at three to five.  Please schedule a ride.  I work these crazy long hours because I have to.  Steve is doing it all.  I’m going to say once:  You don’t move good attendants without replacements in place.  And when you don’t like a good attendant who works, you compromise for the good of others.  That’s all.  Thank you.  Steve


Dear Tim,
Thank you for allowing me to stay up.  I’m writing another novel about living here, falling in love, living with and marrying her.  I’m taking care of my business, dating, and trying to find the right one.  I need my ice cream for calcium.  I don’t drink milk, Tim.  I get phlegm sometimes and I will vomit.  CP is complicated.  The staff needs to read my books.  It would explain a lot.  I’m tired arguing.  I get diarrhea sometimes especially now with the fresh fruit.  Steve