Christmas Thoughts

December 28, 2011

Christmas has arrived yet again
Another year is almost past
Time slips by so fast
The clock keeps ticking away as
Snowflakes swirled in the dark bitter cold wind
Blowing powder dusting the barren ground and pine trees
Sprigs of dead grass sticks up from the snow and a few autumn leaves
Scurry about flying in the wind
A two point buck stands on a hill outside of a white brick condo
The buck stands there staring inside a porch glass window
At an author sitting in his manual wheelchair speaking
Unintelligible sounds into a microphone
Slowly letters become sentences turning into paragraphs and pieces of
Writing you know the story
The smell of gingersnaps and peanut butter cookies engulf the air
Mom is in the kitchen baking cookies
Ashes lopes by with his stiff tail straight up in the air
He stops and stares before loping to the couch where he sleeps
In the afternoon now while the author writes,
Emails and blogs
Check out the author’s blog at www.
There’s always something new there each week
Sorry about that I do pr in my sleep now
Everywhere the author goes now he hands out his card to people
Driving his care attendant cuckoo or the people he is with
Cat’s Tails is in Madison bookstores now and
Soon all three books will be in bookstores across the USA
You never know what the author is up to
But his friends do most of the time
That’s just Steve!Another children’s book about an adorable niece is ready to go
It will be dedicated to awesome pair of nieces
The author envisions six published books someday
But he couldn’t do it without your support and love
You are never far away from my thoughts
Whether you are in Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota
Up North, Milwaukee and Madison
You are just an email away

A Giant Maple Tree

December 28, 2011

A Giant Maple Tree

A giant maple tree stood alone in the middle of a field

Enduring the heat, rain, wind, cold and snow

Tree lives on like I will.




I Miss You Coal

December 28, 2011

Here’s next week posting.  Thank you.  Steve

When my mother put on my covers at night, my cat, Coal would sashay into my room.  He would blink his golden green eyes and meow at me.  Coal would then sashay out of my room with his long tail waving back.  He passed away in early October.  I miss him and his good nights.

The  Madison news media knows who I am, but the media chooses to ignore me.  It hurts.  I feel like a failure.  But I will be published again and someday my achievements will be recognized by the news media.

In order to succeed you must fail.



Friends And Classmates

December 28, 2011

My college classmates are the reason why I’m an author.  They always believed in my dream when few people did. Now they keep me grounded.  I dearly love them.

The Keys To Success

December 28, 2011

Determination, dedication and hard work are the keys to my success.

Letter To Friends

December 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

My perfect Packers are 10 and 0. Cutler is Out for the season.  The Bears are done.  Mark, it isn’t too late to become a Packers fan.  Just burn all of your Bears stuff and join a champion team.  I have good news.  The new book is in the Wisconsin historical museum bookstore now.  That is four bookstores with the book.  Madison College bookstore might carry it.  The vice chancellor at Point bought the new book.  But best of all is I receive a phone call last week saying that I have some money coming to me from a childhood investment.  Now I can buy ebooks, foreign book rights and more books.  Dad is watching out for me.  I will keep at it.  Happy Thanksgivings.  Go Packers.

Love, Steve

I Will Never Give Up

December 28, 2011

I will never give up.  Someday I will get there.

The Author Is Here

December 28, 2011

“The author is here.  The author is here.”  Someone shouted in the crowd.  I carefully drove my electric wheelchair, trying to not run over people’s feet.  I was in a daze.  I drove past the polished white hearse that had my nonverbal friend in it.  I drove past the gathering into my deceased friend’s mother’s arms.

“The author is here,” a person yelled  again.  I kept looking for an author to appear.  At  times I don’t feel like an author.

“Thank you for coming, Steve.  It means a lot to me.  Are you published again?”

“No.  I am working on it.'”

She hugged me crying.  Another person asks me if I wanted to walk like my friend did.

“No.  I am just a writer.”

All that I wanted to do was to go home to email my friends.  My best friend, Amber replied to me “you have a lot to live for.”


Dear Friend, You Are Missed

December 28, 2011

Last year a talented educated nonverbal man committed suicide.  He drove his electric wheelchair into Lake Mendota.  He felt hopeless.  People wouldn’t hire him even though he designed  websites.  Care workers neglected him.  His actions that day deeply hurt his family and friends.  I have promised my family and friends that I won’t follow in his footsteps.

When I see an author being interviewed on Live at Five or Diana Henry, it makes me jealous and angry.  I always try to get on the local news when I have a new book published, but some of the local news producers  refuse to recognize my achievements.  It makes me feel like a failure.  But I will keep on getting published and someday my hard work will be rewarded.