Happy Birthday, Sue

March 26, 2013

Sue, I have the Girl Scout cookies.  I’ll mail some money
It’s my sister’s birthday this week.  She is the beautiful woman that I know.  I rarely see her anymore.  She is a busy woman raising two gorgeous daughters on her own while being a career woman.  The last time I saw her was almost two years ago at Christmas.  She lives in Milwaukee.  When I watch a Bucks or Brewers game on TV, I always say, “Hi, Sister. I love you.  I miss you.”  A couple of times, I have traveled to Milwaukee to see a ball game with a person and when we pass the exit that leads to her house, I say “Hi, Sister,” waving as I go by. It’s been a couple of hard years for my sister financially and emotionally.  l’ll admit that I have no idea what she has been through.  I was afraid that she didn’t love me anymore.  But I emailed her on Valentine’s Day saying that I loved her.  A few moments later, she replied saying she loved me.  I cried when I read the email because I had thought that I lost my sister and nieces.  I never want to lose my sister.  I dearly love her.  Happy Birthday, Sue.  I love you. 


A nice new Care Worker

March 13, 2013


I have a care worker for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I still don’t have a care worker for Tuesday, Thursday and every other weekend.  My nurse told me not to blog anything negative about CLA.  He said that my negative postings might hurt CLA’s image.  I told him in an email that you can’t tell a writer what to write. He didn’t reply to that!  My new attendant, Christine, knew my nonverbal friend.  She is sweet like my friend.  Christine doesn’t let me get away with anything like my best friend, Amber.


March 4, 2013

Having spirit and a passion will carry you through life’s adversities.