Onward, Steve

December 30, 2016

I met one of my publishers yesterday.  We took pictures and made a video of me working.  It’s on Facebook now.  I worked with my other publisher and my agent today, working on a problem.  My staff thinks that I’m rude and selfish.  They bother me at the wrong times especially when I’m working with my agent.  My roommate went to the ER today.  I was asleep.  Life is a dream now, but the news media still ignores me.  Onward, Steve.  I’m a man on a mission while the overnight attendant says that I should go to bed, but she is on her cell phone all night.  Things are about to happen to change my life.  It’s an author’s life.


December 30, 2016

It’s New Years and I’m home working PR.  My publisher and I are meeting to discuss PR.  It’s definitely a new life.  Two books come out this year.  Maybe people will finally wake up.  This year is going to be big.

Merry Christmas

December 19, 2016

It’s Christmas this week.  My family is scattered across the country and celebrates Christmas with others..  I will take a cab to visit my nieces and sister in Milwaukee for Christmas Day.  My nieces are the best part of Christmas.  I love them.    One of my roommates will be home with his parents.  He is artistic and “very young, ” but he is a sweet gentle soul.  That’s what great about artistic people they always are happy.  My other roommate will be in bed by one and sleep the rest of the day.  After I get back, I sit in my recliner in my office to watch basketball with my cat.  The door will be closed leaving me to think and cat nap.  I have made it.  In a couple of days my publisher will meet me to discuss PR plans for the book release!  Another book release is coming February!  I will close my eyes and rest.  I will eat cookies and ice cream before watching more basketball until midnight.  In a few of weeks I will be selling one of my books!  Mom is proud!.  And this time I will tell my story to the world! 

My other job

December 15, 2016

I will be critiquing thirty papers this week for a speech instructor at Madison College.  This is my part-time job allowing me to have more money in my checking account.  If I didn’t “work,” I could have only five hundred dollars in my account according to the system.  The system says that I can’t work.  Bull!  So this week I will critique papers and work with my two publishers along with my agent.  I won’t sleep much this week.  The system doesn’t know what to do with me!  It never has!  The system has failed me all of my life.  Now my message is going to be finally heard.

The Limits of My Life

December 5, 2016

There are only two activity attendants for sixty clients of my care agency.  Wednesday is activity day at my house.  One of the activity attendants and I will go to the grocery store to buy groceries.  This activity attendant only works on Wednesdays at my house and the other activity attendant takes out my roommate to the store.  All activities happen during the weekdays.  There are no activity attendants during the night or on the weekends.  I go out by myself especially at night because I need to relax and think.  Revenue is limited for the activity staff, but society wants the disabled to be a part of the community.  Most of the clients stay at home to watch TV like my roommate does.  There needs to be more activities for the disabled especially for the talented educated physically disabled and the activities need to stimulate the physically disabled person’s mind.  Sadly, the activities are geared towards the cognitively disabled, like Bingo night.