Twenty Years

August 31, 2016

The school year starts this week at Madison College.  I remember about twenty years ago when the Special Needs counselor told me to go to back to school after I earned my Bachelor of Science in English.  I struggled and persevered though the years to get where I am today.  I live about a mile from the campus.  But instead of going to school I am writing a second middle-grade manuscript for my agent.  The talented educated physically disabled can succeed if given it chance.

The Butterfly

August 23, 2016

A year ago we buried Mom.  A butterfly appeared and landed on the wreath while my cousin read my poem.  The butterfly flew away before the poem ended.  The beautiful butterfly flew off  into the perfect blue sky.  Well, Mom, I have grown up.  I’m a man now.  I’m sorry that it took forty-seven years to do so.  I will continue to grow and move forward.  No book yet.  Maybe someday, Mom. 
I don’t understand why I’m still here.  I have queried thirty agents and publishers for my memoir.  Probably get no.  Nothing new on the first book.  Maybe it’s time to try something else.  I just don’t know what I want anymore.  Yes, I know that it will happen, I guess.  I want to make a difference and I know that I can and will.  Life feels meaningless.  I see Danny and wonder if I will be like him.  No girlfriend.  Just eat and sleep.  I sit on the pier and wonder why I’m still here.  Who am I?  What is my purpose?  Life is worth it sometimes.  I want and need more.  I might not use the communication device.  I will hang around. 

A year

August 9, 2016

It has been a year since I moved in my new house.  I have learned a lot about myself.  But I will always remember my first night, living here as I cry all night.  Somehow I managed to persevere thanks to my friends and family.  I manage my money, handle my staff and my career, go out and have female friends.  I’m a man, but I must keep growing challenging myself onwards.  My roommates are stuck in their hidden worlds, but I have to experience what is out there.  Life is precious and I want to see what I can do with the rest of my life.  Thats includes having sex, istupidTIM!

All that I need

August 4, 2016

I need someone to come to set up my big screen TV in my office.  I will not be home this weekend something is “up” figuratively. 
It’s back!  Thank you, God!  Football!  All that I need is football, writing and women!