Big health companies are replacing Dane County health long-term care system in a year.  Currently in Dane County ninety-three percent of the disabled are employed which is the highest percentage in the county.  This could all change when the big companies take over.  Most people with disabilities don’t know this, but I have been attending disabled meetings about this sad reality.  I think about my artistic roommate, who does laundry at a hotel four days a week for three hours a day.  He looks forward to going to going a work each day.  He gets paid and brightens the hotel with his smile.  His employer does small things for him like giving him a rose for Valentine’s Day.  The cognitively disabled need jobs or they will sit at home, watching TV.  It won’t affect me.  I have a career.  I’m the author with two publishers and an agent.

Aunt Nancy

June 19, 2017

I sat on the terrace, looking at the blue sky with puffy white clouds,
floating above.A cold wind blew making the lake choppy, but sail boats glide
across the water.  I talked to Aunt Nancy, the monarch of our family.  Nancy
was always there to talk to and listen to our problems.  She would smile at
you and offer her two cents of advice.  You took it or left it.  Most of the
time she was right.  Nancy didn’t want anything.  She never complained like
Mom.  All that she wanted was family.  Nancy, Uncle John, Uncle Larry, Dad,
and Mom are gone now.  My generation are the elders.  It makes me feel old.
Our lives are busy with commitments and careers, but time moves on.  The
pain that my cousins are feeling now I still feel.  Some days are easier
than others.  I miss Mom but I don’t miss her.  I’m an independent man with
another book on its way.  Sorry about not making it, but I was there in


Going Out

June 19, 2017

I will go to Concert on the Square to listen to music.  I’m alone like always sitting on the square, enjoying the warm summer breeze.  It’s relaxing, but lonely.  Couples are everywhere.  Women smile at me, saying hi.  My heart jumps as I say hi back, but she walks away.  I listen to the music for two hours before going home to write until four in the morning.  Write another novel, trying to escape the pain of loneliness.  The career is meaningless without her to spend my life with.


June 14, 2017

My case manager contacted the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) for technical support for my communication device.  My occupational therapist at the Waisman Center resigned in June and suggested that I go to DVR technical support for the communication device.  We have been working on the communication device for about two years now.  This is a long story; I will make it short.  The communication device is incompatible with the electric wheelchair.  So I decided to not go to DVR, knowing that I wouldn’t get anywhere, but “DVR is new and improved” according to disabled advocates.  DVR wanted me to wait sixty days before getting evaluated for assistance, which meant another month of waiting and DVR wanted to know what kind of employment that I wanted.  I knew the first question the DVR counselor would ask. “How can we make you employed?” I imagined laughing and saying,” I am a real author.  Call my agent and my two publishers.” I told the counselor what I wanted.  The counselor looked at my business card and my two books.  “Very impressive.  Have you thought about going back to school?”  “I will be a New York author, ” I said, before walking out.  I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense.  The communication device is now working after spending some of my trust fund money.  I will buy a new computer to upgrade to Windows 10. I have XP Windows and that can be hacked losing all of my files.  My career keeps me alive and I take care of my business like repairs to my wheelchair and problems with care.  Writing is breathing to me.  Meanwhile, another book is being written.  Who does that?  An author. 

The Farmers’ Market

June 7, 2017

I will go to the farmers’ market to buy homegrown strawberries.  My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake with vanilla ice cream.  I will make a meal of it like Mom and I used to.  I navigate my way through throngs of people looking at the produce, stopping at stands, getting lettuce, green beans, asparagus, rhubarb and of course strawberries.  I will have to buy some homemade strawberry jam.  Mom is gone now,  but I still eat vegetables and homemade food.  I used to make fun of Mom, going to the farmers’ market.  Now I go like Mom used to.  Vendors gave me free food or people will buy it.  I can get fifty dollars worth of food for twenty bucks.  That’s one of perks of having Cerebral palsy.