The poor disabled

September 28, 2016

Disabled Americans live in poverty.  I have two hundred and fifty dollars for food a month and three hundred dollars for spending money.  I use some of my spending money to buy the essentials like bread and ice cream.  Most disabled people can have only five hundred dollars in their checking account, but I’m lucky since I have a part-time job.  America treats people with disabilities as second-class citizens.  The disabled still have to be cared for.  Does this make sense?  The presidential candidates are sending millions of dollars mud-mud-slinging each other during the last month of the election when some of that money should help people like the disabled.


Sundays … yay!

September 11, 2016

The regular NFL season starts this weekend!  There is nothing like it.  My roommate will be out in the living room, watchingThe Brady Bunch while I will be in my office, watching football and eating nachos.  The door will be closed as I enjoy football on my big screen TV.  No work on Sundays!  Just football and food and a Packers win.  That’s a perfect Sunday.  And of course the Bears will lose because they suck!  I just need a beer.  I’m getting to like beer.  I had two beers and wasn’t drunk.  It’s a new life. 

Labor Day

September 6, 2016

It’s Labor Day weekend and the politicians are out promising a better future for the American economy while celebrating the American laborer.  People expect money to line their pockets from the politician’s promises.  It’s up to us create a brighter future for ourselves.  That’s the American ideal, but it has been lost.  People want a quick fix.  All that politicians can do is mud-slinging!