Thank you for getting the year review passed, but I wrote this a month ago in anticipation of receiving a no.  But this is too good not to post on my blog to educate people about how the system works.  I’m not yelling at you.  I want to change the system.   The year review doesn’t give people like me incentive to work and needs to go for the physically disabled.  When I’m dead years from now, I want people to know what I thought.  I hope that you understand.  Tom doesn’t.  Thank you, Becky.  Steve
Dear State of Wisconsin,
    My name is Steven Salmon.  I’m a Cerebral palsy author with three published books, and a fourth book is going to be published soon.  The State has denied my eligibility to receive home health care, which you do every July.  According to the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, I’m unemployable.  DVR is a state organization!  I have a part-time job critiquing papers for a Speech instructor at Madison College earning three hundred dollars a year to fulfill your stupid employment requirement since my Social Security is too high.  I have too much money in my checking account and you will deny care scaring my poor mother with your idle threat of taking away my care.  I’m physically unable to care for myself.  I’m a full-time writer with a website, a literary agent and a blog.  I’m writing my sixth manuscript.  I write each day sometimes eight hours a day.  This posting will be read by my followers totaling over eleven thousand.  Other physically disabled people don’t work to receive care.  I work more than most disabled people.  I have to.  You treat disabled people as numbers while hiding in your offices following your outdated stupid rules without caring about the individual.  You will say that you care, but how would you would feel if you were in my shoes knowing that you will have fight every July to remain eligible to receive home health care.  It hurts and it is demeaning.  I have put a lot of thought and effort into this letter.  For over a year, I thought long and hard about what to say when you deny my eligibility for care to avoid this mess each July.  In fact I wrote the letter a month ago because I knew that I would be critiquing Speech outlines for my part-time job that you will say isn’t good enough.  You will want me to volunteer to dogsit to keep my eligibility for care.  I try to get to critique manuscripts for other writers, but people don’t understand the work and care eligibility rule.  Plus, critiquing manuscripts isn’t good enough for you!  What is?  How many disabled people would worry about this all year long and write a detailed email to you.  It makes me feel like a failure.  Maybe I should quit like my nonverbal Cerebral palsy friend who committed suicide a couple of years ago. That’s what your rules do to educated, talented, physically disabled people.  I’m not quitting not by long shot.  But please … I asked and begged you to stop this nonsense every year!  It’s utterly ridiculous!  Explain it to me!  I look forward to hearing from you.  Oh, I forgot. I’m just a number to you.  You have any guts or feelings you will reply.  I apologize.  I’m tired of this nonsense each year.  Sincerely, Steven Salmon

If only …

July 22, 2013

If people gave ten dollars a year to Medicaid, we could establish a medical program for the severe physically disabled eliminating waiting lists for assisted care and electric wheelchairs.  The quality life for the physically disabled would drastically improve. 


July 15, 2013

Achievement is earned through hard work, dedication and sacrifice.  It is not given. 

I have noticed when I go out that cognitively disabled people are going to jobs out in the community.  Dane County should be congratulated on hiring the cognitively disabled.  It’s a remarkable achievement that the county should be commended for.  But the county needs to provide more employment opportunities for talented college educated physically disabled people.  It’s something to think about.