February 12, 2018

President Trump wants to build a twenty billion dollar wall, taking a decade to build and the President wants to cut entitlements like Medicaid and Medicare.  Does this make sense?  No  It’s Trump.



January 22, 2018

President Trump is wrong again when he said last week that people from Africa are essentially worthless.  Some of my care attendants have come from Africa.  They are like anyone else. One of the best attendants that I ever had was from Africa.  She worked every weekend, taking care of the house by herself.  That’s what America is about.

Work for no pay?

January 15, 2018

Another book is written.  That’s three books written in three years.  Who does that?  President Trump wants the disabled to work for their entitlements.  No one will hire or pay me.  I wanted to work for years, but I gave up and became a full-time author, working every day.  I work twelve or fourteen hours sometimes without earning a dime.  He can shove it.

The republicans will try again to cut Medicaid for millions of disabled Americans.  The privatization of Medicaid is un-American to the disabled,  who live in poverty to be eligible to receive services for care.  Employed disabled Americans make only three dollars an hour and work part-time.  Some people with disabilities can’t or don’t want to work.  And others are not hired or paid, but want to work.  A few are self-employed like myself, making very little income.  Should we abandon three people?  People with disabilities still need to be cared for no matter what the government does.  People do care about the disabled.  I see it all of the time.  The question is are people willing to pay more taxes to insuring disabled are a part of society.

Happy Birthday to me.

December 17, 2017

I’m fifty on Tuesday.  I’m going to have my teeth clean at six in the morning.  What a way to celebrate a big birthday.  In a couple of days I will have my birthday at the strip club surrounded with beautiful naked women with a birthday cake and my favorite stripper will feed it to me.  Now that’s a birthday.

The Season

December 17, 2017

It’s Christmas.  The living room is decorated with Christmas decorations that will hang until May.  My artistic roommate believes in Santa Claus.  I will take a cab to spend a few hours with my sister and nieces before coming home.  I will eat and take a nap,watching basketball before getting up to write into the early morning.  Christmas doesn’t mean much to me except seeing my nieces.  That’s the highlight of my Christmas. 

Merry Christmas Family and Friends,

            How are you?  I hope that you are well.  Here’s a poem.  Happy New Year.  Steve

                                                The Changed Knoll

                        The author pulled into the knoll after thirty seven years

                        The country boy, who sat on the knoll, watching

                        Combines and tractors toil in the fields

                        Riding on Dad’s lap, mowing the five acres

                        Is a man now and an author

The three majestic blue spruces that once towered

                        Have been replaced with mature spruces

                        But some elms and locusts still remain along with the meadow

                        Where I drove a tractor myself, mowing the meadow

                         The peg barn, the shed, and the two storied garage are gone

                         Red metal barns have been built

                         The fields around the knoll are the same.

                         Fences are gone but the pond refuses to go away

                         Like the stubborn author, who writes and writes

                         The white brick farm house still stands taking on the elements

                         Christmas wreathes with red ribbons decorates

                         The windows, making me remember Christmases

                         On the farm with my Mom’s homemade cookies,

                         Baking in the oven filling the house with sweet smells

                         Miniature farm equipment sits under the Christmas tree

                         So many good memories are on the knoll

                         When I was a boy, I thought that I will never grow up

                         Time doesn’t stop for anyone

                         The knoll will endure long after the author is gone

Thanks, Jenny.

December 15, 2017

It is not easy being a house manager of a group home.  You have to manage eight care attendants, cook, clean, do laundry, do paperwork, take care of clients and deal with clients.  My manager has to handle an author which is not easy.  Thank you, Jenny.  Love, Steve


December 13, 2017

On the Road

November 30, 2017

The author’s vacation was wild and adventurous.  We are sports junkies and very stubborn as you know.  We got along and I ignored the writing suggestions.  We saw White Sox Stadium, went to Purdue, a Pacers game, saw Lucus Oil stadium, the Ohio State Stadium, PNC Park, the Steelers Stadium, Jacob Field, Quick Loans Arena, Rock museum, and walked around Notre Dame.  We visited my farm in Ohio and I talked to my neighbors.  The farm house is still there, but the rest has changed.  It is like an author.  We visited West Virginia, too.  That is gorgeous country with rolling hills.  I saw Lake Erie.  The English people are right: I can do anything now.  The vacation was much needed.  
And the Packers game was awesome and the Steelers fans didn’t like us.  We were yelling like always. 

Funding health care for PWD

November 28, 2017

People with preexisting conditions need and deserve the best health care.  Everyone agrees on that.  But how?  People should pay one hundred dollars of their taxes that goes to a fund for people with preexisting conditions.  Businesses should pay five hundred dollars of taxes to the fund.  This would generate revenue  to make a dent in the problem.  An author just wrote a new health care bill.