Dear Jenny,

August 7, 2017

Did you call Dr Boyle for a physical this week?  It needs to be done three weeks prior.  I can’t do everything.  I go under August twenty fifth.  Please call Home Health United for the electric wheelchair.  I e-mailed the vendor but he didn’t reply yet.  The new one works.  We will take it to Walmart tomorrow at three to five.  Please schedule a ride.  I work these crazy long hours because I have to.  Steve is doing it all.  I’m going to say once:  You don’t move good attendants without replacements in place.  And when you don’t like a good attendant who works, you compromise for the good of others.  That’s all.  Thank you.  Steve


Dear Tim,
Thank you for allowing me to stay up.  I’m writing another novel about living here, falling in love, living with and marrying her.  I’m taking care of my business, dating, and trying to find the right one.  I need my ice cream for calcium.  I don’t drink milk, Tim.  I get phlegm sometimes and I will vomit.  CP is complicated.  The staff needs to read my books.  It would explain a lot.  I’m tired arguing.  I get diarrhea sometimes especially now with the fresh fruit.  Steve

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