Increasing Frustration

July 17, 2017

My friend, Stasia has severe Cerebral palsy and is a professional painter.  She paints using her head.  She is like me, dedicating countless hours to our craft.  We spend time together going to places and talking in our special language.  She understands the ups and downs of having a career unlike most people with disabilities, who sit watching TV or have jobs.  I love her, but I love any woman, who shows interest in me.  She is taken of course.  It is easier for an educated disabled woman to find a boyfriend because a male can pick her up.  It takes a special woman to love a man with a severe physical disability.  I have a lot to offer a woman but I can’t give her much.  I hate being alone.  Will I always be alone?  Fooling around isn’t enough anymore or writing all of the time.  I want a woman to go out with, talk to, and make love to.  She is out there somewhere.  I have been emailing women instead of writing.


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