Aunt Nancy

June 19, 2017

I sat on the terrace, looking at the blue sky with puffy white clouds,
floating above.A cold wind blew making the lake choppy, but sail boats glide
across the water.  I talked to Aunt Nancy, the monarch of our family.  Nancy
was always there to talk to and listen to our problems.  She would smile at
you and offer her two cents of advice.  You took it or left it.  Most of the
time she was right.  Nancy didn’t want anything.  She never complained like
Mom.  All that she wanted was family.  Nancy, Uncle John, Uncle Larry, Dad,
and Mom are gone now.  My generation are the elders.  It makes me feel old.
Our lives are busy with commitments and careers, but time moves on.  The
pain that my cousins are feeling now I still feel.  Some days are easier
than others.  I miss Mom but I don’t miss her.  I’m an independent man with
another book on its way.  Sorry about not making it, but I was there in



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