Values and Priorities

May 28, 2017

It’s Memorial Day this week.  A year ago Donald Trump promised to take care of our veterans with the best care.  No More waiting lists.  Well, President it has been four months since you took office.  The veterans are waiting.  The VA, like Medicaid and Medicare, are too big and with too many rules.  That’s the problem with our system, including the VA.  We need to treat veterans and the disabled as individuals not statistics.  The President wants to cut Medicaid by eighteen billion, destroying the lives of disabled Americans.  We asked too much of people with disabilities with rules and waiting lists which will get longer.  It’s sad how we treat the disabled.  Most Americans want a tax cut to spend on junk like cell phones while making disabled people wait two or three years for something that they need to live.  You have big trouble.  We can build an useless wall and make missiles, but we can’t take care of the disabled.  Why?  Someday the President will hear about the author, who doesn’t give up and fights every day.  Maybe he will tweet about me.  Then I will be a known author.


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