The attendants

January 23, 2017

“You are being rude,Steve,” an attendant tells me when I’m sick.  “Can you go to the store for bread and cranberry juice,” I ask my attendants.  “No, I’m too busy,” says one attendant sitting on the sofa.  “I’m out of gas,” the other attendant says.  There are always problems with my attendants.  They make me want to die but I can’t quit now.  I have to answer their questions.  “Where are you going, Steve, ” my attendants asked.” Out, and you know where,” I say, with a big smile.  “What time does your bus come and when do you come home,” the attendant asks.  “6:30 to 10:30,” I say.  “That’s too late, Steve,” the attendant says.  “I’m going, bye,” I drive out of the garage to the bus.  I’m going to my favorite place to relax, think, and have female attention.  I’m a man with a career and have needs like every man does.  A beer, a lap dance, female attention, and naked women help clear my mind.  I’m not disabled or have Cerebral palsy.  I’m a busy lonely man, looking for sex.  The system will always deny me what I want the most, but I’m awesome, remarkable, and whatever else disabled advocates say.  I’m just a client, who happens to be an author!


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