Merry Christmas

December 19, 2016

It’s Christmas this week.  My family is scattered across the country and celebrates Christmas with others..  I will take a cab to visit my nieces and sister in Milwaukee for Christmas Day.  My nieces are the best part of Christmas.  I love them.    One of my roommates will be home with his parents.  He is artistic and “very young, ” but he is a sweet gentle soul.  That’s what great about artistic people they always are happy.  My other roommate will be in bed by one and sleep the rest of the day.  After I get back, I sit in my recliner in my office to watch basketball with my cat.  The door will be closed leaving me to think and cat nap.  I have made it.  In a couple of days my publisher will meet me to discuss PR plans for the book release!  Another book release is coming February!  I will close my eyes and rest.  I will eat cookies and ice cream before watching more basketball until midnight.  In a few of weeks I will be selling one of my books!  Mom is proud!.  And this time I will tell my story to the world! 


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