The Limits of My Life

December 5, 2016

There are only two activity attendants for sixty clients of my care agency.  Wednesday is activity day at my house.  One of the activity attendants and I will go to the grocery store to buy groceries.  This activity attendant only works on Wednesdays at my house and the other activity attendant takes out my roommate to the store.  All activities happen during the weekdays.  There are no activity attendants during the night or on the weekends.  I go out by myself especially at night because I need to relax and think.  Revenue is limited for the activity staff, but society wants the disabled to be a part of the community.  Most of the clients stay at home to watch TV like my roommate does.  There needs to be more activities for the disabled especially for the talented educated physically disabled and the activities need to stimulate the physically disabled person’s mind.  Sadly, the activities are geared towards the cognitively disabled, like Bingo night.


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