Out and about in the summertime.

June 27, 2016

A man and a women in electric wheelchairs are driving down the sidewalk, bumping each other.  They are laughing.  People don’t know what to make of the odd pair.  A walker asks them, “Are you okay to be out alone?” We just go our merry way, enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  If the person knew who we are, they wouldn’t ask that question.  The professional painter and the author will have the last laugh someday, but we will always be retarded to some people.  To our people we are Stasia and Steve. 
We went to the fireworks together.  She accidentally turned off my wheelchair when she bumped into me.  A policeman helped.  She is pretty neat.  Yes Patti, one step at a time.  That’s in the second book!  I will try to take your advice. 

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