I have an American Dream.

May 2, 2016

It’s weird to have money now!  My Mom kept my SSI and I never got an allowance.  I always had what I needed and wanted.  My only money was from critiquing papers which isn’t much.  But I have money, but it just accumulates in my bank account along with the money from my e job.  I can only have fifteen hundred dollars in my account in order to remain eligible to receive services. I never wanted much.  Money is precious to me!  And now I have a career.  One book is in New York right now while the second book is being edited.  I could have two books published by the end of the summer.  People will say that’s remarkable etc.  I have heard that all of my life.  It’s meaningless.  Authors don’t make much money and I probably won’t.  I’m okay with it!  Money doesn’t matter to me.  My point is the system forgets about the talented physically disabled like a CP painter or authors who work everyday at their craft.  It takes money to build a career.  Isn’t that the American goal to prosperity?  But the talented physically disabled are tied to stupid rules that inhabit our opportunities for the American dream.  That’s why some physically disabled commit suicide or give up.  My roommates have given up.


The Writing Conference Makes Me Happy

They are slowly waiting to die.  The system and the government wants the disabled to be happy.  But why must we have these income limits when care attendants are under paid?  Is it my fault that my new electric wheelchair will cost thirty thousand dollars or my communication device will cost eight thousand?  It will take thousands of dollars to take care of me for the rest of my life.  Society doesn’t owe me anything.  But I deserve a chance at the American dream like everyone else.  That is what makes America great!


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