Dear Mom,

April 11, 2016

It’s conference time.  Two books are ready to go, Mom!  Tina has the first one now!  Just sent it this morning at five am!  The second manuscript is being proofread and I’m pitching it at the conference.  It’s about you, Eagle River, my family and the dream.  The dream is very close to becoming a reality.  This was your dream for me.  The English family has believed in the dream!  Oh, Mom, I’m exhausted.  Tina is coming for lunch at my house.  Everything is so different.  I’m independent, Mom.  My family is back in my life, including Sue!  It’s coming together meeting women and dating!  Amber and Dave said that I can do this.  And I have!  It’s time to rest for a couple of days before going out in the world.  The dream is real because of you.  Thank you, Mom!  Your soon to be New York author

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