Happy Birthday to My Mom

March 7, 2016

This week is Mom’s birthday.  It doesn’t seem real that she is gone.  I’m alone now.  Of course I have family and friends who love me but not like Mom.  You were amazing!  I took you for granted all those years, spoiling me.  I’m paying for it now!  No care attendant can compare to you!  You were always there to talk to.  When I got mad at you, you just forgave me unlike some of my attendants who hold grudges.  Oh Mom, how I miss you!  I’m ready for the conference.  Two books, Mom!  New York is near.  I will succeed!  Then I can sleep!  I have kept my promise that I made to you about moving forward, but sometimes I just want to die.  But I have a lot for do yet.  I know!  It’s just hard, Mom.


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