Ahh … sex. What to do about it.

January 25, 2016

My sixty year old roommates call the female care attendants “their girlfriends.”  One of my roommates takes out female attendants “girlfriend” to restaurants.  He “dates” a thirty year old woman with MS, taking her to a restaurant once a month.  That’s the highlight of his month.  The other roommate plays on Match.com all day chatting with women across the world, looking for a wife.  No woman would want him!  He just is a pervert.  My attendants ask me who is my “girlfriend.” I laugh since I never had a girlfriend and I probably won’t have a girlfriend.  I have a lot of women in my life, including my “sisters” my college classmates who I tell everything.  What woman would want me?  I drool and shit in the pants.  Sex is always on my mind but I will never have it.  My care attendants can’t get me ready to have sex.  After the care agency supervisor accused me of having relations with a female attendant, I gave up women!  I will go to the strip club and look at naked women like my nonverbal friend who committed suicide.  He loved women but never had sex.  I guess that will happen to me.  It drives me mad, but I understand!  I’m just a client to the system who must follow the rules even though the supervisors told that I can have sex in my room.  Disabled advocates always lied to me anyway.  If I didn’t have a career, an agent, family and friends who care about me, I would kill myself!


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