October 11, 2015

I have been emailing a doctor with Cerebral palsy in England.  There are many professional disabled people out in the world.  The problem is the system and the State lumps all of the disabled together treating us as numbers.  That’s the whole problem since the vast majority of the disabled have cognitively disabilities.  But educated professional physically disabled people are rare gems of talent.  We should be classified in a different category receiving more rights than the developmental disabled.  The physically disabled should be able to live where they want, earn a living without an income limit and receive the best care.  Income shouldn’t be tied to care.  There is no incentive for anyone to work for nine hundred dollars a year!  That’s why some educated physically disabled people simply give up.  The State still has to provide care for these talented people with physical disabilities.  The educated physically disabled should have the ability to choose to live anywhere in the State without having to forfeit their care and be put on a waiting list.  Imagine the government telling people where they can live and how much they can earn!  That would be tyranny.


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