I’m a Fighter.

September 22, 2015

“I’m a leader.  Therefore I’m clearing the field for our party today.” Two months ago, Governor, you proclaimed yourself as a fighter.  What happened?  You quit after ninety one days!  That’s not much of a fight, Governor.      In the ninety one days my mother passed away, I became an adult overnight, adjusting to an entire life, handling my lawyer and agent, meeting advocates, training a staff who are caring for a New York author, being on my own, moving to my new home, living with my roommates, writing, burying my Mom, experimenting, and trying to not let my people down.  All you did, Governor, was go gallivanting across the country, dodging questions and hiding behind your regressive agenda.  I have thought a lot about your long-term care plan while adapting to my home.  I’m lucky to have my own home with a caring staff.  This is how the State of Wisconsin should treat its disabled citizens.  Well, you have failed Governor!  Go write another book.  No, leave it to real authors.  I’m the thorn in your side.  Thank you for giving me a name.  You helped me become known.  Like I told you, I’m burdock.  You can mow, plow, stab and move me and I just grow back.  You talked about family.  I have four families now.  My real family, my Madison family, my staff family and of course my English family.  A lot of people are counting on me and I will not fail or quit.  Tomorrow after I go shopping I will write for the rest of the day, getting ready my adult manuscript to pitch in April to other agents.  Nothing is going to stop the author from succeeding.


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