Take good care of me

August 18, 2015

“We’ve to take good care of him, ” said one of my care overnight attendants to another attendant.  But then the first attendant makes me go to bed before eleven beds; he is tired from doing a double shift.  I didn’t want to go to bed, but I didn’t want to make trouble.  This is my house; that’s what I have told them.  My staff needs to realize that I hear everything they say about me.  That’s the author in me.  I work as hard you do.  My life has been turned upside down in a matter in a month.  My Mom passed, my agent lied to me, I moved, I start a new life living with two roommates and my book is in New York.  That’s stressful for anyone.  Plus, I’m working with my lawyer and making funeral arrangements for my mother.  I’m very tired, but I have to keep moving forward.  You have a privilege of caring for a New York author we hope.  All that I ask is that they take good care of me and let me enjoy my life.


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